The secrets of Sales Guru’s!

Mark shares the secrets he learned from interviewing many top sales producers, both locally and abroad over the past 12 years. These are the top 1% of sales performers across multiple industries.

The amazing thing is that there is no “real” secret, rather a simple sales recipe that top sales performers follow on a daily basis to attain and maintain sales success.

  • The DNA of all top sales performers
  • Understanding the number one reason why people buy and its not price!
  • Standing out in a competitive environment
  • Mindset and attitude secrets of Sales Guru’s
  • The most important thing to do every day for success – prospecting and how Sales Guru’s do this differently
  • How top performers fill there diaries without having to cold call
  • The power of goals and weekly “me” time to review
  • How they remove the sales pressure with prospects, yet increase sales
  • How they become trusted advisors, fast!
  • Why and how they close more business than 99% of other sales people
  • And more…


Get TRULY inspired for sales success!


Sales is the most amazing career in the world, yet it can be filled with many challenges. The foundation of all individual and team sales success is their mind-set, belief, enthusiasm and inspiration to go to work every day.   In this talk, Mark shares sales ideas, sales stories and sales tips that will motivate, inspire and invigorate your sales team for increased sales success.

  • Why sales is the greatest career in the world
  • What defines ones attitude and results
  • The way to get inspired every day for HUGE success
  • What does your attitude brand say about you
  • How your belief system is the fuel tank for sales success
  • No more excuses – full accountability
  • Losing the loser language
  • The number one secret for sales success
  • How to exceed your sales target, regardless of circumstances
  • Moving from surviving to thriving
  • The most important thing about achieving anything in life
  • And more…
How to not suck at prospecting!

The number one challenge holding sales people back from achieving ongoing sales success, is that they are not in front of enough people that can buy from them, with the cause of this being limited daily sales prospecting activity. Many sales people believe that prospecting for sales sucks, the real truth is that too many sales people suck at prospecting! The root cause is that many sales people are ineffective on the sales calls, leading to many no’s, limited sales activity and poor sales results. 

In this talk, Mark shares why sales prospecting needs to be the number one daily priority and what to say that engages, qualifies and doubles sales appointments!

  • Why prospecting is the MOST IMPORTANT skill to master
  • How to stop being the best kept secret in your industry
  • The universal law of doubling your sales
  • How sales superstars manage prospecting time for awesome results
  • Why cold calling is not dead but the lack of it can kill your business
  • Why most cold and warm calls suck and fail!
  • Removing the fear of the COLD CALL and why rejection is overated
  • The simple 3 step formula when calling that actually works
  • The word for word call that Mark makes that results in 80%+ new meetings being made
  • Ways to enusre you don’t sound scripted or boring
  • The most commom objections you will hear and pratical ways to overcome these
  • A tone lesson you will never forget!
  • The 3 step process to measure your daily activity for success
  • Get more referrals, more often
  • And more…


My secrets for face-to-face selling success!

In today’s competitive environment, buyers have access to several options when choosing who to do business with and the NUMBER ONE reason why prospective clients will buy from your company or not, are your SALES PEOPLE.  It’s not your product, service or closing techniques; rather it’s down to the sales person’s ability to uncover the clients required outcomes and share how they can assist them in achieving this.

Too often we still see boring presentations about the company, its products, features and benefits which leads to poor sales results.  It is not nearly as much a closing problem an an opening one!  This presentation will give your sales people the best opportunity to open meetings effectively, uncover buying motives and close more business.

  • The secret to face-to-face selling. (Outcomes based)
  • Why too many sales meetings result in no sale
  • Why most sales forecasts are like a visit to the fortune teller
  • The number one secret on why customers actually buy
  • How to stand out from your competition
  • The best introduction to every sales meeting that creates a buying atmosphere
  • The real secret to buidling instant trust
  • The critical information you need to uncover before any presentation or proposal
  • The lost art of effective questioning
  • The 3 best sales questions Mark has ever heard
  • Stop wasting time with people you cannot help
  • How to stop pricing becoming the key issue
  • An amazing closing technique that increased sales by 200%
  • And more…


How to get more referrals now!

Is it possible to spend less time prospecting, reduce rejection and increase sales? With the multitude of “new” and “improved” prospecting options, the most overlooked and precious resource remains – word of mouth referrals! The vast majority of buyers would rather be contacted through a referral than any other means. A recent survey showed that 91% of customers would happily give referrals, yet only 11% of sales people ever ask. All top producers understand and drive referrals as a vital cog in their sales process. In this talk you will learn how SalesGuru’s have a simple yet highly effective way to generate ongoing, valuable referrals and close more business.

  • Cold leads vs. referrals, what would you rather have?
  • How a simple referral idea built SalesGuru magazine to 15000 monthly copies
  • How referable are you?
  • How to stop being the best kept secret in your industry
  • What holds most people back from getting referrals?
  • What has been the cost to you personally of not asking for referrals?
  • How buyers want to be contacted today and what you are missing
  • How to stop sucking at asking for referral
  • The secret of getting people to want to give you referrals
  • The simple 4 step referral process to follow
  • Moving from referrals to introductions and how this benefits you
  • How to implement and measure your referral plan for success.
  • You are in the relationship business
  • Customer contact plan for ongoing referrals
Words, phrases and QUESTIONS that sell!


In sales today, you become known by what you say and the questions you ask.  In brief, if they are not interested, it means what you have said is not interesting or engaging enough!  The challenge is that many sales people still use the same words, phrases and sentences that stop sales from happening.  The days of manipulative selling are long gone! 

This talk shows you how to “upgrade” the sales language your team uses, for better client engagement and increase sales.

  • How, what you say has a massive impact on the results you get.
  • Why many existing sales questions need an upgrade.
  • How sales questions “scripting” works better than winging it.
  • What to say that will engage the gatekeeper and will assist you to get through to the decision maker.
  • The two words you need to avoid when talking to prospects and what to replace them with.
  • Questions that uncover interest areas and the outcomes prospects require
  • Questions that confirm urgency and assist with accurate sales forecasting
  • What to ask when told “your price is too high”
  • Closing questions that are used by sales superstars
  • And more…
Customised talks around your objectives!

Mark is able to customise a talk to meet your specific objectives and outcomes.